Do you need a small loan, but you don’t know how to get it? Very often, just a small amount of money would be enough to solve some small problems. The problem is that there are many doubts about who can really be willing to provide this figure, perhaps even without any particular guarantees.

At Aunt Polly, we take care of offering these kinds of answers to our readers, to help them solve their needs. So don’t leave this guide. We are going to explain to you how to get a small loan of only 2000 euros to use them in any way you see fit.

Small loan: is it possible?

Small loan: is it possible?

Which institution should you contact to get a small loan? What guarantees are needed to get it granted? What are the required documents? We now want to answer these and other questions to show you that if you need a small loan, it will not be just a dream, but you can have it too.

In reality the credit institutions available to finance 2000 euros are not even few, clearly everyone has his conditions that must be evaluated well before being granted the credit.

The first thing to do, therefore, is not so much worrying about whether or not there are banks willing to grant these loans, but what are the requirements to obtain them. Unfortunately, as far as loans are concerned, the node is always the same: that of guarantees. In most cases, credit institutions require only one guarantee in particular: the pay slip.

The pay slip shows that there is a fairly stable working condition, this allows the bank to protect itself against the risk of insolvency. With a guaranteed monthly income, instead, the applicant has many possibilities to access the credit even more if it is small sums like 2000 euros.

Small loan: how does it work?

Small loan: how does it work?

The bank generally carries out a verification of your financial condition. The ability to repay the debt based on the income received is evaluated. It will be based on this parameter that the loan will be granted or not later. Your income is the maximum amount you can request. We must understand that the banks need to do these checks because if they were “soft” in granting the loans there would be too many cases of insolvency.

Your monthly income can be represented first of all by a salary. Based on its amount, the loan installment will be calculated in a directly proportional manner:

  • The higher the salary, the higher the installment can be.

Based on the installment and therefore on the duration of the loan, the maximum sum that can be requested is established.

Caution. Unfortunately, in most cases where the customer is unable to provide the pay slip to guarantee the repayment of the loan it is very difficult for this to be paid out.

We must not despair, however, because many institutions are available to offer the loan even in the absence of the pay slip. In fact, there is the possibility of giving alternative guarantees that can be accepted. For example:

  • Someone else acts as guarantor for the loan
  • Some different source of income can be demonstrated

In short, for small amounts like 2000 euros, it is not impossible to obtain a loan.

The solution of Ultraloan

The solution of Ultraloan

As promised, we are now presenting some banks that may be willing to disburse the 2000 euro loan. For example, you can ask Ultraloan. With an Agos personal loan even if you are not an employee and therefore do not have a pay slip, you can apply for a loan.

The only thing you need to do is prove your income by submitting the last tax return for the previous year. Once the net monthly revenue has been calculated, the bank formalizes the maximum amount you can request.

If your income is too small to get the sum you need on loan, you can always think of inserting a guarantor into the loan who declares himself willing to pay the remaining installments in your place in the event of non-payment.

The small Agos loan can be obtained rather easily and in a few hours from the request. Depending on the duration of the loan, the rates change slightly, for more information just ask Agos for a quote.

AstroFinance’s small loan


Another possible bank willing to grant loans of this type could be AstroFinance. Thanks to AstroFinance’s personal loan program, you can get 2000 euros on a loan, even if you can’t present your salary as a guarantee.

What you need is the previous year’s tax return. If the earnings are constant over the year and are sufficient to repay the 2000 euro loan, then the bank will prove to be well disposed to the provision.

On the AstroFinance website you can do loan simulations that can help you understand how installments and interest rates can vary.

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