30000 euros loan

€ 30,000 is a proud amount for most people. Against the background that two-thirds of all vehicles registered in Germany are financed and purchase prices for middle class cars in the order of 30,000 euros are settled, it can be easily concluded that the majority of loans over 30,000 euros in the financing of a car flows.

Credit comparison 30000 Euro

Here you will find cheap loans with low interest rates for the desired loan amount. The use of the credit calculator is free.

On request, you can request a non-binding credit offer directly online.

To borrow 30000 euros

An account balance loan, as is often done with smaller amounts, comes here less frequently. In addition to earmarking for a € 30,000 loan to buy a car, there is another form of loan, also with earmarking.

We are talking about so-called real estate or renovation loans. These are provided to property owners for residential use. The banks waive the registration of a mortgage. On the other hand, interest rates are above the level of traditional mortgage lending, but lower than a conventional installment loan.

Also located in the real estate sector are loans from KfW. These also run out at 30,000 euros. The purpose can be varied:

  • Energy-efficient renovation
  • Installation of a plant for the production of renewable energy
  • Reconstruction of the house or apartment in the sense of barrier-free living

Anyone looking for a new kitchen as a tenant can not resort to a real estate loan, but can realize his dream of modern cooking with a loan without earmarking. The investment of 30,000 euros for a kitchen is not theory. The freestanding kitchen block with integrated wine cooler or the oven at eye level quickly lead to a larger investment.

Getting out and traveling around the world for a year can also be financed with a loan. Even in this case, 30,000 euros are not too high.

30,000 euros credit – the conditions must be right

To borrow 30000 euros A loan over 30,000 euros is not a bargain. In the first year, one percent interest difference already make up 300 euros. So the question remains where the cheapest loans for 30,000 euros can be found.

The credit comparison portal

For car loans as well as real estate loans of the bank or loans at leisure, the first port of call is credit comparison portals like ours. The way to the house bank will turn out after the use of such a portal quickly as the only second or third best solution.

credit calculator

The entry into the selection of the provider via our loan calculator is very easy. The borrower enters the desired loan amount, in this case 30,000 euros. Over the term, he can now control the amount of the rate. With the next click he gets an overview of the providers. However, this overview has a catch. The offers are based on the lowest interest rate of the respective provider.


The fact is, however, that the interest rates are determined in most cases depending on creditworthiness. A look at the two-thirds interest rate initially suggests how high the interest rate will most likely be. The individual interest rate is determined by the interested party when he completes a credit inquiry with the respective bank. This request takes only a few minutes, the loan commitment is usually in a few seconds after sending the request.

Request credit offers

It makes perfect sense to request a 30k loan offer from several banks. The credit rating is indeed everywhere on a similar grid, but there are quite small, but subtle differences. The bank, which is displayed as cheapest in comparison, can be after the individual exam only second or third best provider. Since the application request is a condition request, it has no effect on Private Credit.

Special case self-employed

30,000 euros loan for self-employed

Here is an overview of special providers of self-employed loans.

A loan of € 30,000 is also subject to a fairly industrialized loan process. Its component in almost all cases is the elimination of classical securities through the easy-to-handle salary assignment. Many self-employed in most banks fail because of this fact. There are only a few institutions that still offer classic installment loans to freelancers and tradespeople. Even a freelancer may want to buy a new kitchen that can not be financed through a working capital loan. However, credit comparison portals show which banks are worth the search for a self-employed person.

30000 Euro credit by private

Private loans can be found in our overview: Credit from private to private.

The German banking industry has clearly lost reputation. Many consumers try to keep as little contact as possible to banks. For this group of people, as well as for consumers with weaker credit ratings, credit marketplaces are eligible. These platforms mediate between borrowers and individuals who see lending as an investment opportunity. Usually, not a lender alone grants a loan, but many investors engage in tranches from 50 or 100 euros.

For consumers with lower credit ratings, these marketplaces have the advantage that they also have a chance of getting a loan. The interest rate also depends on the financial standing of the borrower, but leaves much more room for maneuver than a bank.

The more extensively the borrower describes his project to be financed and his personal, even economic, background, the easier it is for lenders to get an idea of ​​him and the residual risk of a loan default.

The only co-criterion for a credit platform is hard Private Credit characteristics.

The Private Credit-free loan as a way out

Who, for whatever reason, at the time of the loan request has a negative Private Credit, may fall back on a loan without Private Credit. These loans come from Switzerland (hence the name ” Swiss Credit “) or from Liechtenstein. There is no Private Credit-like institution there, the request and the entry are therefore omitted. The intermediaries listed in a credit comparison portal are consistently reputable providers. So they do not require a commission from the borrower or other fees, even in advance.


However, the borrowers have to meet approximately the same conditions as for a loan in Germany.

  • Place of residence in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • majority
  • Bank account with a German bank

As a security is preferably a salary assignment. If the applicant is a self-employed person, other security such as the registration of a mortgage, a cession of a life insurance or a car letter is required.

30000 Euro credit without Private Credit check or despite negative Private Credit score? Matching offers can be found on this page.

The cost of a € 30,000 loan

The idea of ​​taking out a loan of € 30,000 naturally follows the idea of ​​what such a loan costs at the end of the month. The calculation examples are based on the information of the cheapest provider (as of 2/2018).

running time Monthly Rate total cost
60 months 524.26 euros 1,455.56 euros
84 months 381.44 euros 2,040.74 euros
120 months 295.82 euros 5,497.82 euros

The number of providers that allow terms of 120 months, however, is few and far between. It is noteworthy that a doubling of the term from 60 to 120 months almost quadruples the interest expense.

At the beginning, we talked about the conditions for loans with earmarking. A renovation loan with a term of 60 months and a credit amount of € 30,000 bills at a monthly rate of € 519.30. The total interest is 1,157.80 euros. These numbers also provided the cheapest supplier in February 2018.

30000 euros credit for car

In order to get a cheap 30000 Euro credit for the car purchase, simply set “Auto” at the top of this page in our loan calculator.

Without Private Credit

30000 Euro credit without Private Credit examination or despite negative Private Credit entries? This is quite possible. Matching offers can be found on this page.

Sparcass, Folksbank

A 30,000 loan from Sparcass or Folksbank often has relatively high interest rates. Before you go to the bank, we recommend using our loan calculator at the top of this page.

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